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Upcycling Community
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News and achievements of the Upcycling Community

The role of Foodvalley NL starts when new collaborations in the food supply chain is needed, and stakeholders are not able to create those coalitions on their own. Challenges such as product quality, safety, consumer acceptance of circular food concepts and the environmental gain or loss of processing side streams into food grade ingredients need a pre-competitive approach. For that reason, Foodvalley NL started the Upcycling Community in May 2022.

The Upcycling Community is an international and closed group of business partners that collaborate on the topic ‘upcycling of food waste streams’. The community setting creates a safe environment where organizations can share ideas, get inspired on new developments and insights from the market and research. The Upcycling Community exists of business partners who are ambitious about upcycling, come from various parts of the value chain, and vary from scale-up to SME and Corporate organisation.

Upcycling Community Achievements

23 May 2023
Bridging Circular Food Innovators

23 May 2023
Grassa; Winner of Upcycling Horticulture Sides Streams Challenge

14 February 2023
Webinar: How to move consumer and market towards more upcycled food

13 September 2022
First hybrid event of Upcycling Community

9 February 2022
How brewer’s spent grain can be used for more valuable products