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The Protein Transition Map NL

Welcome to the Protein Transition Map NL, the first of its kind. The map highlights the impact of more than 500 actors involved with protein transition in the Netherlands. Together, they generate an annual production value of at least 881 million euros and employ at least 3,500 people. These data have been mapped out in the Protein Transition Map NL.

The Protein Transition Map’s National Impact

The Protein Transition Map NL is an online tool, used to enable a comprehensive insight into the protein transition landscape within the Netherlands. On the map you find more than 500 organisations working on the protein transition. Additionally, it provides an economic analysis with province-specific, and national data on all relevant actors within the Dutch Protein Transition.

The map enables you to find and collaborate with protein organisations in the Netherlands easily, which stimulates direct connections between stakeholders. Whether you are monitoring trends, validating business cases, or seeking policy support, the Protein Transition Map NL offers valuable information and opportunities to get in touch with the Dutch.

*Please note: The economic data as illustrated above is the minimal estimations based on studies conducted and the assumed reality of the figures is much higher.

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There are over 500 protein actors on the map!

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Provincial Gamechangers

More than just the Protein Transition Map NL, the provincial gamechangers showcase our national protein transition “heroes”. These actors are elected by the provinces as representatives of what the future of protein will look like for the Netherlands. Get connected with all gamechangers and help protein transition move forward.


Noord-Brabant | Fully Alt. Protein

  • The goal of LuPeel is to cultivate five thousand hectares of lupine in the Brabant and Limburg Peel regions by 2030. This way, we contribute to the national Protein Strategy in Brabant.
The Protein Brewery

Noord-Brabant | Fully Alt. Protein

  • We develop food ingredients – plant-based and highly nutritious. Contributing to the transition to alternative food sources across the globe.
De Nieuwe Melkboer

Overijssel | Fully Alt. Protein

  • We are The New Milkman, two curious farmer’s sons from Twente. We aim to create the tastiest plant-based dairy products, all sourced from Dutch soil.

Overijssel | Partly Alt. Protein

  • For over a hundred years, Rouveen Cheese Specialties has been a master in cheese making. Developed and produced to offer a unique taste experience worldwide.

Gelderland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • As the plant-based frontrunner we are, we envision a world full of quality plant-based alternatives for meat and fish by making our products irresistibly tasty.
Revyve/Fumi Ingredients

Gelderland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Simple, sustainable, microbial ingredients that unlock the future of food. Customers enjoy great-tasting foods without compromising on taste, texture, or health.

Zeeland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • As the world’s population increases and the demand for protein grows, our goal is to “Make Protein Sustainable”. The simple reality is that one Earth has to be ENOUGH.
Zeeuwse Quinoa keten

Zeeland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Protein transition’ is high on the agenda of the Zeeland food sector. The objective of this project is to develop, test, and validate innovative quinoa cultivation.
Seaweed Company

Zuid-Holland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • We are elevating the untapped potential of seaweed. Our dream is to create a sustainable and healthy food system for ourselves, our children, and generations to come.

Zuid-Holland | Partly Alt. Protein

  • First, we take a sample from an unharmed cow or pig. Then we replicate the natural process of fat and muscle growth and mix the two elements to produce meat.

Utrecht | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Phycom aims to improve the availability and quality of food, strengthening both humans and animals. Discover the potential of microalgae-based ingredients.
Karma Kabab

Utrecht | Fully Alt. Protein

  • What is the ultimate, sustainable, future-proof festival snack? That was the question Lowlands posed to us in 2018. The answer was clear: Karma Kebab.

Noord-Holland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Willicroft is a plant-based cheese company based in Amsterdam. We make our delicious products from beans and lentils, ensuring there is no sacrifice in taste or texture!

Noord-Holland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • At Plant Forward, we bring together start-ups, brands, retailers, food service professionals, policymakers, investors, future talents, and other change-makers.

Groningen | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Royal Avebe supplies ingredients, and the potato is our raw material. To get the most out of the potato, we are always searching for innovative solutions and products.

Groningen | Fully Alt. Protein

  • In Groningen, we are working on the agriculture of the future: a circular system that balances sustainability, nature, healthy nutrition, and a business model for farmers.
Magnificent Proteins

Drenthe | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Magnificent Proteins is establishing the first factory in the Netherlands in Emmen, where high-quality protein products are made from locally grown field beans.

Drenthe | Partly Alt. Protein

  • Distribugs is an international wholesaler serving the business market. All our products are made with edible insects for human consumption.

Flevoland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Organically certified, grains of Dutch origin, and processed and produced with purity in mind. From the Flevopolder, we supply high-quality organic products.
Green Organics

Flevoland | Fully Alt. Protein

  • Green Organics’ team of experts brings growers and customers together. In simple terms: we take care of the entire chain, from ground to mouth.

Limburg | Fully Alt. Protein

  • The solution to many challenges in the agricultural sector lies beneath our feet. Grassa enhances grass through a natural process of pressing, heating, and filtering.
SoFine Foods

Limburg | Fully Alt. Protein

  • SoFine prepares and sells plant-based foods that are not only healthy, sustainable, and friendly to the environment, but above all incredibly delicious.

The story of the Map

Put yourself on the Protein Transition Map NL with more than 500 actors and initiatives working towards an economically healthy protein future.

The Protein Transition Map NL is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality. It is part of a joint effort to measure the environmental, health, and economic impact of the protein transition, also termed the Value Case Protein Transition. This initiative involves partners like Foodvalley and the Transitiecoalitie Voedsel.  As part of this Value Case, in 2023, Wageningen Economic Research (WEcR) shared findings showing an approximate 8 billion euros monetary value on the environmental impact.

Including the economic benefits of the protein transition identified by WEcR, the Protein Transition Map NL showcases an economic analysis presenting the economic value of the Dutch protein transition. This is expressed through production values and amount of jobs. Funding from 11 Dutch provinces that have collaborated closely on the protein transition since 2018, also termed Interprovinciaal Eiwitoverleg, enabled this economic analysis. Furthermore, the Map connects companies across provinces, shares knowledge, and may shape future policy.

In 2022, 7 provinces signed the Bean Deal, and by 2024, South Holland and Utrecht joined. Together, they’re launching initiatives to boost the nation’s protein self-sufficiency in line with the National Protein Strategy.

Continuous Growth

We are dedicated to mapping out all the actors involved in the protein transition in the Netherlands. As we strive for comprehensive coverage, it’s important to note that the list of actors presented here is not exhaustive. The landscape of the protein transition is dynamic, with new initiatives, organisations, and individuals emerging regularly.

We are committed to continuously updating and expanding our database to ensure it remains as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. If you are aware of any actors not yet listed or if you are involved in the protein transition yourself, please reach out to us or claim your spot on the map.

The Protein Community

The Protein Transition Map NL includes the partners of The Protein Community (TPC). TPC is a platform with more than 150 partners, created in 2017 by Foodvalley NL, the provinces of Gelderland, Overijssel, and Oost NL. TPC stems from the ‘Groene Eiwitversneller’, a pilot of 30 SMEs to test whether plant protein innovations could be accelerated to the market.

The Protein Community connects alt-protein, start-ups, and corporates worldwide. Accelerating their innovations and business growth by coupling them by inspiring international partners, capital, unique facilities, and knowledge and providing in-depth events. Benefit from our many years of experience and become part of our community!