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About Foodleap

Foodleap: your online data platform

Foodleap is an online platform that offers you the possibility to find and interact with interesting partners. We started in 2022 with a closed user group. It was almost directly of great value.
Their feedback:

  • A great variety of feedback and advice
  • Business and research support
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Increased transparency regarding your organisation’s sustainability initiatives by sharing vision and insights

As a partner, you can have direct access. It takes only two minutes to register.

Our Communities

The Protein Community

Profit from the protein shift

Personalised Nutrition Community

Give the consumer control

Upcycling Community

Towards a more circular system


  • Find valuable partners . Access to a unique database of qualified partners that you can easily find and get in contact with by just entering your needs.
  • Access to a unique overview of research equipment and innovation facilities in agrifood that you will not find anywhere else. Find facilities to accelerate your innovation or share your capacity to maximise productivity and connect with interesting partners.
  • Interact and share with a group of high quality contacts globally that can help:
    • Improve your research
    • Provide interesting information about the newest funding opportunities
    • People that are interested in your event
    • Or answer a question you might have.