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Brewer Spent Grain

How brewer’s spent grain can be used for more valuable products

About 39 million tonnes of brewers’ grains (BSG) are produced worldwide every year. Spent grain is a huge waste stream that remains after beer is brewed. BSG is very rich in proteins, energy and super healthy! Nowadays, it is mainly used in the animal feed sector, because it spoils within a day due to its very high water, sugar and protein content. This makes it difficult to transport and further process it into food within a short time.

Now that new methods are available, upcycling of BSG into food is possible. This makes BSG a promising sustainable product that contributes to a circular agrifood economy. Take a look at Foodvalley’s activities in the field of BSG and participate!

Why brewer’s spent grain?

It’s a shame to use brewer’s spent grain (BSG) only for animal feed. Or even to throw it away, because it is perfectly suitable for human consumption. The grain left over after the brewing process has a much lower sugar percentage and there is relatively more fibre and protein in the brew. In addition, upcycling of this enormous global residual flow contributes to a circular agrifood economy. Foodvalley NL is therefore committed to the large-scale use of spent grain for human consumption and to accelerate the transition required for this purpose.

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