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Plant Protein Forward

Plant Protein Forward

Relevant for: Dutch farmers, food service, retailers), food process industry

Foodvalley NL, together with Rabobank and Interprovinciaal Eiwitoverleg, are supporting crop-oriented value chain initiatives that contribute to a higher consumption of Dutch-grown plant-based proteins. Increasing the local availability, processing and consumption of plant-based proteins not only contributes to our protein self-sufficiency, but it also has the added benefits of greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen runoff reduction and increased biodiversity.  

Plant Protein Forward focuses on value chain initiatives putting the farmer central, farmers of which some also process their own grown raw materials such as lupins, faba beans or soy into ingredients or end products. With Plant Protein Forward we are particularly supporting ongoing value chain initiatives with professionalisation, the upscaling of their activities and sales creation. In order to generaten a sustainable turnover with a healthy margin for all parties in the chain.  

Next to supporting concrete value chain initiatives, Plant Protein Forward also devotes particular attention to collective workshops (e.g. CSR-D), knowledge diffusion within and beyond the participating value chain initiatives, and creating a programmatic approach towards professionalisation and sales creation for value chain initiatives now and in the future.

Plant Protein Forward emerged from the Greendeal Protein Rich Crops, also known as the Bean Deal