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The Bean Deal

Green Deal Protein-Rich Crops

Relevant for: farmers, retailers, food industry, NGO, governments

Foodvalley NL is working in co-creation with NGOs, farmers, the (food) industry and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality on the Green Deal Protein-Rich Crops. The aim of this Green Deal is increasing the EU’s self-sufficiency in plant proteins and to improve soil quality and biodiversity. The Green Deal also aims to create a good and fair earnings model for farmers. This Green Deal contributes to the protein transition and with that to a balanced eating pattern of plant and animal proteins.

The deal is part of the National Protein Strategy (NES). The intended signing of the Green Deal will take place during the Summer 2022. Parties signing the document will commit to a successful implementation of the Green Deal.

Jeroen Willemsen

Initiator of the Green Deal Protein-Rich Crops

  • Mail
  • +31 6 177 380 37
Marjolein Brasz

Chairwoman of the Green Deal Steering Committee

  • Mail
  • +31 317 427 095