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The Position Paper – a colloborative endevour to further strenghten the Upcycling ecosystem

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This paper gives an overview of how various laws and regulations present barriers but also opportunities for companies that want to bring innovative technologies for upcycling side streams to market and process new side steams into food.  It also provides insights from companies and policymakers on how the development of the upcycled food and ingredients can be better linked to existing sustainability initiatives.

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Governments can incentivise upcycling by incorporating it into plans to cultivate a circular economy and meet climate targets. In Europe, this would ideally be done at both the European Union and national levels for maximum effectiveness. Having a clear mandate and incentives from authorities could ensure that the right-side streams are used for food instead of being used in other end-markets. Setting targets for upcycled food in government-level procurement policies would provide significant impetus for the market.

Regulators can also assist in creating so-called experimental spaces. Companies need such spaces to test out new ideas without being constricted by prohibitive production costs and legislative limitations. Having this sort of freedom to experiment will promote innovation and encourage more businesses to adopt solutions for upcycling agrifood side streams in food and feed.  

Regulators interested in making upcycling a policy objective should reach out to the companies and experts in the field to start discussing how to create the legal backdrop necessary to bring the market to maturity, including via linking existing policies and frameworks to the values of upcycled food and ingredients.  

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