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Foodvalley launches Healthier Food Community


11 May 2023

Foodvalley NL launches Healthier Food Community  

Foodvalley NL has announced the launch of its Healthier Food Community, which will seek to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. Stakeholders looking to make a healthier product assortment more accessible are invited to join. The new Community is part of Foodvalley’s Food & Health Innovation Field

Consumer behaviour is strongly driven by the products available to them. Products that are affordable, convenient, easily accessible and tasty are consistently popular amongst consumers. Unfortunately, these products do not necessarily contribute to health, resulting in high rates of obesity and malnutrition worldwide.

To boost healthy diets, change must come both in the products available and consumers’ purchasing and eating behaviour. In addition to increasing the overall availability of healthy products, producers can create new healthy products or reformulate existing products to make them more nutritious.

Driving collective action

Foodvalley NL’s Healthier Food Community will bring together key players from across sectors to work on creating a healthier product environment. Together, community members will identify the roadblocks that prevent key players from improving their product offerings. Through collective action, the Healthier Food Community will spearhead initiatives that tackle the bottlenecks and create successful examples of products and initiatives that boost a healthy assortment.

Foodvalley NL announced the launch of the new Community on Tuesday, 9 May, during an inspiration session discussing the National Approach to Product Improvement (NAPV), organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS).

Foodvalley’s new Community has already gained support from the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), which holds 17 branch organisations as a member.

“Foodvalley’s new Community – ‘Healthier Food – Innovate for Good’ – is the much-needed move to join forces with key stakeholders and work towards making the healthy choice the easy choice for all. Through collective action, we can tackle the ecosystem roadblocks that individuals cannot solve alone.”

Dr. Judith van der Horst-Graat, Innovation Lead Food & Health at Foodvalley NL

To receive more information, please get in touch with Vera Hoynck van Papendrecht, Programme Manager Healthier Food at Foodvalley NL, via