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Upcycled Food and Ingredients Position Paper

Finding the right market positioning is one of the main challenges for companies developing upcycled foods and technologies for upcycling side streams. Although ‘Upcycled food’ is a trending topic within the industry, the term can be interpreted in different ways and lacks a clear definition.

To address this situation, Foodvalley worked with various stakeholders on a position paper that will shed light on the definition and attributed values of upcycled food and ingredients. It will also provide actionable steps on how those values can be communicated in the industry – all the way up to the consumer.

The position paper is an important step towards creating awareness of the need to scale the market for upcycled food and ingredients. Beyond discussing the current market conditions, the publication will highlight the conditions in the market and regulatory field necessary for scaling impactful upcycled food and ingredients. Our Insights article “Unlocking the Potential of Upcycled Food” already gives you a first impression of the content you’ll read in the paper.

The planned launch of the position paper and the related UPcycled4Food Initiative will take place on June 18, 2024, at the International Conference “Towards Halving Food Waste in Europe”, reaching out to various high-level and public stakeholders in the market, including B2C companies, governmental organisations, NGOs and financial institutions, among others.

Shaping the future of food together

Input from across the industry is vital to the creation of the position paper. A wide array of partners from Foodvalley’s Upcycling Community, academics and other organisations collaborated in different working groups to create the various sections of this impactful publication.