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Regenerative Innovation Portfolio

Regenerative Agriculture: the Solution

The Regenerative Innovation Portfolio aims to remove barriers to the adoption of regenerative agriculture by demonstrating innovative cross-value chain solutions in Europe, enabling viable business models to boost the supply of regenerative products and ecosystem services. The Portfolio brings together diverse stakeholders across Europe to drive essential systemic changes, addressing the urgent need to transform our flawed food system into one that prioritizes sustainability and social equity. This transformation aims to cultivate a circular agrifood landscape rooted in value-based principles, fostering inclusivity for both nature and social well-being.

The Regenerative Innovation Portfolio, funded by EIT Food, is an ecosystem collaboration, established as a Food Innovation Hub Europe Initiative, and brought to you in collaboration with Foodvalley.

Landscape approach

The Portfolio follows a landscape-based approach involving communities of farmers, offtakers and other stakeholders in regions across Europe willing to adopt regenerative practices covering multiple commodity value chains and connecting to various collaborating offtakers.

The Portfolio initiates various innovative cross-value chain initiatives on a landscape level that work towards our mission statement through three main pillars:

  • Regenerative) demand and supply matching solutions, for example
    • Accelerate deployment of platforms for matching the supply and demand of regenerative agriculture products
    • Enable collaboration between food system actors
  • Solutions for ecosystem services, including
    • Develop, test and scale the value and selling mechanisms
    • Demonstrate that the value generated by the ecosystem can be incorporated into produce
    • Apply established, proven and accepted MRV processes and tools
  • Financial solutions that enable and derisk the transition for farmers, including
    • Remove financial barriers for regenerative agriculture adoption
    • Find financial solutions to manage risks associated with transition

Establish a landscape

Developing collaborations at the landscape level enables the Portfolio to design and execute projects on the ground, fostering tailored, locally focused partnerships across the food system. These partnerships take into account the economic, social, cultural and ecological differences across Europe, which is crucial to the Portfolio’s success.

A landscape refers to a region or area where there is a shared interest across the food system to transition to regenerative agricultural practices and where there are complementary sourcing needs. Within a landscape, the first step is to identify companies and organizations with a common interest in a specific geographical area. These can range from farmer cooperatives and financial institutions to food corporations and water management companies.

Aligning their diverse interests and individual strategies into a cohesive, shared vision is essential for fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing and mutual learning. Within a landscape, we implement a series of initiatives aimed at supporting farmers in their transition and addressing the challenges associated with the three Portfolio pillars.

Sounds good? Help us grow!

If you want to get to know more details, please reach out to Kathryn Miller from EIT Food or Sjoerd van Kempen from Foodvalley for more information.