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Regenerative Innovation Portfolio

Regenerative Agriculture, the Solution

Relevant for: innovative European farmers, agrifood companies, investors, venture capitalists

We believe that the solution to transition agricultural practices by farmers lies in cross value chain collaboration, where all partners work together in facilitating the farmer, put in the central, to transition towards regenerative practices. This is not an agricultural transition but more a value chain transition that needs a collaborative approach to come to scale.  

If you have the same ambition of scaling regenerative agriculture sourcing in Europe, we invite you to become a Core Partner of the Regenerative Innovation Portfolio and contribute to the system transformation of the agricultural system. 

What is the Regenerative Innovation Portfolio?

The Regenerative Innovation Portfolio is an ecosystem collaboration, established as a Food Innovation Hub Europe Initiative, and brought to you by Foodvalley NL and EIT Food supported by the Food Collective. This coalition leverages the strengths of each member to work towards integrated change that is relevant to all stakeholders involved.  It aims to remove barriers to adoption of regenerative agriculture by demonstrating innovative cross-value chain solutions in Europe, enabling viable business models to boost the supply of regenerative products & ecosystem services. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Core Partners who are willing to contribute to the Portfolio to help scale partnerships across the entire agricultural ecosystem in which stakeholders co-create solutions and share knowledge. This could be multinationals, investors, impact funds or other organizations focused on European regenerative sourcing at scale.   

As a Core Partner, you will have the opportunity to bring your resources and expertise to create cross-value chain collaborations and initiatives that will help to demonstrate solutions that enable the adoption of regenerative agriculture at scale. In return, the Portfolio offers a range of benefits for Core Partners: to create scalable new sourcing models, share costs and knowledge and multiply investments, learn from other innovation initiatives and together shape the future of the regenerative food system.  

Help us grow!

Reach out to Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel (+31 6 82096140, to receive more information on required investments and onboarding as a core partner.

Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel

Innovation Lead
Circular Agrifood

  • Mail
  • +31 6 82096140