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Healthier Food Community

Healthier Food – Innovate for Good

The Healthier Food Community is the much-needed move to join forces with key stakeholders and work towards making the healthy choice the easy choice for all. Collectively, we work on solutions to improve the accessibility of food that positively contributes to health – to support healthy consumption and set in motion a decrease in malnutrition.

Consumer behaviour is strongly driven by the products available to them. Products that are affordable, convenient, easily accessible and tasty are consistently popular amongst consumers. Unfortunately, the wide availability of unhealthy products fosters unhealthy behaviour. Resulting in high levels of malnutrition and obesity worldwide.

To boost healthy diets, change must come both in the products available and in consumers’ behaviour. Increasing the overall offer of healthy products and making them more attractive and affordable will make it more obvious to buy them. Efforts for progress face resistance, competition, and entrenched consumer habits. These challenges are embedded in our current food system and cannot be solved by individual parties.

Bringing together all stakeholders

Foodvalley NL’s Healthier Food Community brings together key players from across sectors to work on creating a healthier food environment. The community covers the whole spectrum of stakeholders necessary to tackle collective bottlenecks. Expect partners like start-ups, corporates, retailers, manufacturers, non-profit organisations, knowledge institutions, financial institutions, and investors. Allowing the community to develop and execute promising initiatives.

Together, community partners will:

  • Identify the roadblocks that prevent key players from improving their product offerings.
  • Spearhead initiatives that tackle the bottlenecks.
  • Create and scale successful examples of products and initiatives that boost a healthy assortment.

Preparations for the community are in full swing. We are currently interviewing stakeholders to gain their insights on roadblocks and opportunities. The official launch of the Healthier Food Community is scheduled for Q4 2023.

Join us in shaping the future of food

Do you want to share your insights on the challenges and opportunities in making the healthy choice the easy choice, and/or are you interested in joining the Healthier Food Community, please contact Vera Hoynck van Papendrecht, Programme Manager Healthier Food.

Vera Hoynck van Papendrecht

Programme Manager
Healthier Food


Food Boost Challenge

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Healthy Food

As part of the Food Boost Challenge, participants created showcases of targeted healthy products and services that compete against unhealthy ones. The challenge strongly focused on creating concepts that stimulate fruit and vegetables consumption by Dutch adolescents by working with the target population. The five winning concepts have been adopted by the companies involved.

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Personalised Nutrition Position Paper

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Personalised Nutrition

Read the definition, status and future opportunities of personalised nutrition, defined by 53 stakeholders.

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Reduce obesity and malnutrition with personalised nutrition

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Personalised Nutrition

Three initiatives received a Booster Award in 2021. They each received: 30,000 euros development budget, 1 year of monitoring, visibility of the initiative and access to a large international food network. The award is intended to encourage these initiatives that support the reduction and prevention of obesity through the use of personalised nutrition tools.

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VIPS Pilot

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Personalised Nutrition

The VIPS pilot (Vitality & Interaction via Personalisation Solutions) is a pilot driven by a multi-disciplinary coalition of selected Personalised Nutrition (PN) Partners to help better to understand the customer journey in a mass market setting.

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