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Food Ingredients Europe & the Protein Community


28 November – 30 November 2023

This year, The Protein Community (TPC) powered by Foodvalley, in collaboration with OostNL, Go4Export, and Topsector, organised a booth at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt under the banner of Future Protein NL. Featuring 12 partners from The Protein Community, the booth provided a global platform for TPC-partners to engage in business and spotlight their innovative green protein solutions. This initiative also puts the Netherlands on the map globally as an important hub for protein innovation.

Get in touch with the Dutch
The Dutch booth attracted numerous visitors keen on exploring innovative ingredients solutions. From upcycled and plant-based protein ingredients, to carbon-neutral and locally sourced products. The visitors got the opportunity to get in touch with the 12 participating companies: 

Time Travelling Milkman 
Bösch Boden Spies
NoPalm Ingredients

When it pertains to Dutch people, there is thriving innovation. They are more openminded than other people in Europe when it comes to alternative and plant-based nutrition. 

Christian Barenwalde, MPF GmbH

Some highlights:

Pitch Congress: The 12 participating companies showcased their innovations at our Pitch Congress. Jack Vera, Agricultural counsellor at the embassy of the Netherlands in Germany, and Elsa Guadarrama – Consumer & Market Research Manager at ProVeg, were also present to share insights and perspectives.

Fi Innovation Tour: The Fi Innovation Tour provides an insightful journey at the Fi into sustainable practices in the food industry. Participants had the opportunity to explore our booth and gain firsthand knowledge about PeelPioneers, NoPalmIngredients, and Greencovery. This clearly highlighted the diversity of innovative solutions.

Daily Bites & Drinks Success: The daily bites and drinks at 17:00 created a cheerful atmosphere. The tasty offerings, including PeelPioneer’s Orangecello and snacks from Schouten, Bflike and Ojah, added a flavorful touch to each day, becoming a favorite amongst event attendees.

– BNR News Radio Recognition: The impact of the booth did not go unnoticed, even catching the attention of BNR News Radio.
Next steps:
The booth highlighted the Netherlands’ commitment to redefining the protein industry, also beyond the exhibition halls of Frankfurt. This was not a one-time effort but rather an invitation to the world to connect with Dutch companies and collaboratively innovate.

I can really advise you to connect with Dutch companies. They have a lot of ideas, they have a lot of innovative inventions.  We have powerful investment agencies, so we can help all companies in the Netherlands, also with foreign companies, to connect and create together.

Jochem Wolthuis, Oost NL.

For those interested in delving further into Dutch companies leading the protein transition: you can join the Future Protein Day NL on April the 22nd, 2024. 

For additional information visit or reach out to

Limited places available.