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Fi booth 2023

Food Ingredients Europe 2023

12 Future Protein NL Showcases

The Protein Community, in collaboration with Oost NL and Topsector, is participated in the Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt (FiE) with a shared booth featuring 12 partners. FiE is renowned as one of the food industry’s most significant and largest trade shows and took place from 28 to 30 November.

Do you want to join The Protein Community? Please visit the website.

Future Protein NL Day

When: 22nd of April 2024
Where: Wageningen Campus, The Netherlands
Who:  Agri food companies who are not based in the Netherlands
with an interest in Future proteins
How: Please send an e-mail to to indicate that you are interested in joining this event.

We warmly invite you to join the Future Protein NL Day if you are interested in getting a feel for the variety of what this R&D hotspot has to offer and potentially considering setting up an innovation center. During this day you will be introduced to several frontrunning companies, research institutes and organizations in the Foodvalley Region. A more detailed programme will follow. You can combine this event with a (discounted) visit to PLANT FWD. (PLANT FWD | Building a Plant Forward future together.)

Partners present at the booth

Join The Protein Community

The organisations present at the shared booth are partners of The Protein Community.

The Protein Community (TPC) is a safe environment where you can partner up on your ideas and find inspiration from each other. We do this by providing the right support and by creating a mix of cross-sectoral organisations working on the same topic.

Future Protein NL

The shared booth will be under the banner of ‘Future Protein NL’. Future Protein NL is there to keep you in the loop about all things related to alternative proteins in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a leader in the alternative protein field, especially when it comes to agri-food, sustainability, and sharing knowledge. It has the know-how in protein production, processing, innovation, and logistics. This puts us in a great position to push for a better balance between traditional animal-based proteins and the new alternatives.

Soft landing in Foodvalley

Would you like to expand your business to the nr 1 Food region in Europe, Foodvalley? Please contact Invest in Holland Partner, Oost NL. Have a look at  Soft landing in Foodvalley | Oost NL for the support we can offer you.