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First Masterclass Branding HFC


April 2024


The first masterclass of the Healthier Food Community, held on April 16, brought together a diverse group of passionate food & health entrepreneurs. They will follow a series of 4 masterclasses on branding by Peter de Boer from Irresistible Branding. Together, these entrepreneurs embarked on a journey to strengthen their knowledge and skills in sustainable brand building, helping them to increase their impact to create a healthier food system.

During the first masterclass, the focus was on ‘looking outside’. What is happening in the outside world, which domain do I operate in, and how will this affect our current and future business scope?

The key takeaways

  • The perception of your brand is the reality of your brand: A strong brand lives in the perception of all stakeholders and must constantly engage in dialogue to steer that perception. 
  • Five key factors for a strong brand:
    – Clear: Ensure your message is understandable to everyone, even a 10-year-old. 
    – Relevant: Know your target audience better than they know themselves, to convince them that your offering is for them. 
    – Credible: Ensure others believe that you can fulfill your promises.
    – Distinctive: What makes you unique and credible?
    – Inspiring: Create a relationship that goes beyond just price. 
  • The journey of brand proposition development unfolds across five steps: 1) explore your domain, 2) position your brand, 3) visualize the customer journey, 4) build a business case, and 5) maintain your customer relationship. Our inaugural masterclass delved into the first step: defining your domain, which forms a solid foundation to tackle the sequential steps in the subsequent masterclasses!

The expert

During the masterclass, we benefit from the rich knowledge and experience of Peter de Boer. For instance, he provided the unexpected insight that emotions play a larger role in B2B purchase decisions than is often believed. He made us realize that in B2B branding, understanding the emotional connection of the customer is crucial, as is comprehending the customer journey and delivering consistent experiences. One of the many valuable insights of this day! 


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