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Ecosystem Development

What is Ecosystem Development? We nurture and fertilise the food ecosystem. We have access to food hubs around the world, meeting those working on the same topics and exchanging knowledge and linking up. We also line up support through our partners for innovations and entrepreneurs to accelerate their efforts from a good idea to market launch. When necessary, we take the lead in developing services ourselves. Last but not least, our network offers its innovation & research facilities. Since facilities are capital intensive, our connecting approach makes facilities more accessible and joint investment more likely. It also gives small young companies access to the best equipment.

Global Collaborations

The main focus of Global collaborations is finding relevant partners, accelerating innovation through international cooperation and facilitating international interaction and global innovation.

Our key activities are focused on inviting international partners to join us in innovation programmes, projects and services.


Foodvalley supports entrepreneurs in developing their skills, making the right connections, finding the resources needed to grow faster, and becoming part of an entrepreneurial community. Our key activity is facilitating entrepreneurs in their innovation journey by organising world-class support and giving access to inspiring partners, up-to-date information, unique facilities and capital.

Shared Facilities

Sharing facilities is a proven method to make innovation facilities available and cost-effective for companies and institutes in the field of healthy food and living environment. Over 350 facilities for research, testing, demonstration, scale-up or industrial-scale production available. Explore all the facilities and investment opportunities here