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Global Collaborations

International Projects & Network

Foodvalley has built an extensive international network, linking partners, resources, and facilities from around the globe. Leveraging our global experience and international connections, we create conditions that foster innovation through collaborative projects.

Today’s challenges, such as the rise in lifestyle diseases and the demand for sustainable food, are global issues requiring global solutions. By tapping into these international connections, your organization can innovate more swiftly. Strengthen the ecosystem to ensure breakthrough solutions take root in the fertile soil of the food system.

Let’s connect!

Paola Giavedoni, Lead Global Collaborations

Thomas van der Lee, Project Manager Global Collaborations

Sake Kofhoff, Project Coordinator Global Collaborations

Our 3 focus area

Gather intelligence & Connect

Participate in EU projects, platforms, networks and missions, receive delegations and visits from Global Organisations, connect external players with internal initiatives

Grow innovative solutions

Within the 3 innovation fields, develop new initiatives, apply to EU finding schemes, develop collaborative initiatives, understand regional realities and customise our approach

Explore new opportunities

Within our ambitions, define and shape new leading thematics, scout for funding schemes and share insights