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Practice Leader

We emerged in 2004 from a collaboration between Wageningen University and Research, agrifood companies and the regional government. Now, 18 years later, we work within the entire food system. It is a rich ecosystem full of wonderful, inspiring examples for solving obstacles that individual parties cannot overcome on their own. Our far-reaching international network of frontrunners and our systems approach are the corner stones for acceleration. Funding from the Province of Gelderland ensures we remain independent, which makes us a reliable partner.

International network of frontrunners

Frontrunners are the people within an organisation who are committed to ensuring a better food system in practice. They know we can only accelerate if we work together: small and large organisations, start-up entrepreneurs, farmers, intrapreneurs in corporations, freelancers, data miners and people serving the public good. We need inputs from beyond just the agrifood sector; we also need partners from adjacent sectors like banks, technology companies or science.

Independence through funding

Most of our funding comes from the Province of Gelderland, a forward-thinking backer that awards long-term funding for national and international work on topics that create impact. This support lets us combine (sometimes conflicting) interests as an independent party. This neutral position is crucial for our (around) 500 partners who contribute financially and in non-monetary ways to the network and to communities and initiatives.

Our Team

Developing and strengthening an international ecosystem of organisations that work together to realise the transition to a sustainable global food system. Only together, we can shape the future of food. That is Foodvalley NL’s mission.

Our Vacancies

Foodvalley publishes its open vacancies via LinkedIn. Would you like to work at Foodvalley Nl but don’t see a vacancy that matches your qualities? Send us an open application.

Our Board

Chairman Linda Broekhuizen: “Foodvalley NL is a unique organisation with an important mission and a crucial role in accelerating the urgently needed transformation of our national and international agrifood production and consumption system.”

Our Annual Reports

Staying ahead of the curve in times of transition.

Our Progress Reports

Great progress in turbulent times. Read our latest report below to learn more about our initiatives and collaborations shaping the future of food.

Join the journey

Our approach to get things moving forward takes you on a journey through innovation fields and their leads, initiatives and communities – All supported by services that bolster a flourishing food ecosystem. The food transition is not a straight journey towards 2050. Sometimes we need to slightly adjust our course to avoid roadblocks, other times we push ahead to tackle these roadblocks head-on. We can help you on this journey.

We engage across the entire ecosystem for collaborative actions. Innovations do not succeed stand alone. They require the proper conditions to be successful: the right timing, regulations, partners, investors, supply and demand, and political climate. We use our experience and rich network to develop a unique systems approach.