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VIPS pilot by Personalised Nutrition


March 15, 2023

VIPS pilot Personalised Nutrition to start 12 April next

The VIPS pilot (Vitality & Interaction via Personalisation makes us Stronger together) is a Personalised Nutrition implementation (PN) project that will give insights into ecosystem roadblocks. VIPS is set up as a small-scale pilot, driven by a multi-disciplinary coalition of selected Personalised Nutrition Partners to help to better understand the customer journey in a mass market setting. We start with a targeted population of care workers with a Personalised Nutrition intervention. VIPS’s two main goals are:

1: Empower the employees from nursery home Maeykehiem – as a representative of the mass market – to live more vital lives.

2: Help Personalised Nutrition businesses connect and set up a complementary ecosystem that adds true value for the user ánd the connected private partners and generate data on what works and what not.

VIPS does this by combining the strengths of several different PN companies to offer the employees of Maeykehiem a truly innovative, effective and fitting PN intervention that should enhance their vitality. An important aspect of this project is to learn from every step the consortium takes.

The following companies and institutions are involved in VIPS:

  • Maeykehiem: Frisian nursery home for mentally disabled people
  • Verdify: Truly personalised recipes, powered by AI.
  • MyOwnHealth: Personalised supplements based on a blood test.
  • Fitsurance: Data and knowledge driven lifestyle coaching for personals health.
  • The Right Meal: Online access to dietitians and targeted recipes.
  • LHM Diagnostiek: Biomarker measurements.
  • PhenomX Health: Personalised advice targeted at peri-menopausal women.
  • BlockSmith: Decision engines for health and mental wellness.
  • WEcR: Social and psychological research
  • Innoboost: Consumer centric research into personalized vitality.
  • TNO: Guidance in setting up and reporting on the intervention
  • Foodvalley NL: Initiation and overall management

More information about the pilot or in joining the PN community? Please contact Judith van der Horst.

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