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Recognising Leaders in the Protein Transition


The Golden Bean honors those shaping the protein transition. Recently, Paul van Zanten received this award for his contributions from Inveja’s dry-processing factory. Alongside him, nine others were recognised for their impactful efforts to accelerate the transition.

The Golden Bean

The award, introduced by The Protein Community in 2022,  recognises professionals making exceptional contributions to accelerating the protein transition. Winners are chosen by the Protein Transition experts of Foodvalley NL. Selection criteria include impact, collaboration, personal engagement and innovation.

The golden bean-pin, encourages innovation and raises awareness, enhancing collaboration within the protein industry.  By associating the “golden bean” with positive change, it encourages individuals and organisations to explore new and innovative approaches. The award highlights the importance of protein transition and the achievements of those who are making a difference.

Three key areas

Golden Bean winners excel in key areas of the Protein Transition:

  • Becoming Protein Self-Sufficient: Developing systems for sustainable protein in specific regions, making locally produced products appealing and accessible, and enhancing a self-reliant ecosystem.
  • Shortening Time to Market: launching new plant protein products in evolving markets and intensified competition, positioning companies as innovators and meeting the growing demand for sustainability.
  • Redefining the Protein Industry: Embracing alternative protein options, diversifying sources, and transforming mindsets and operations from animal-based to plant-based options in meat, dairy, and fish production.

 In 2024, additional frontrunners in the protein transition will receive the Golden Bean.

Golden Bean Inveja