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Successful Awardees of SME Innovation Subsidy


Successful Awardees of SME Innovation Subsidy –
€500,000 of €1,000,000  awarded

In a significant stride towards fostering innovation in the agri-food sector, Foodvalley NL and Regiofoodvalley are thrilled to announce the latest recipients of the SME Innovation Subsidy. This subsidy, aimed at facilitating collaboration and partnerships between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and facility providers, has proven instrumental in driving groundbreaking innovations in agriculture, food, and health.

We are pleased to share that, within 6 months of announcement, €500,000 of the total subsidy pool of €1,000,000 has been awarded to a diverse and pioneering cohort of companies.  The rapid utilization of 50% of the subsidy exemplifies the critical need for such instrumental support mechanisms. It underscores the vital role these subsidies play in empowering and enabling SMEs to scale their innovations, fostering growth, and driving transformative change within the agri-food industry.

This subsidy serves as a catalyst for SMEs, providing them with a unique opportunity to harness scientific talent and state-of-the-art facilities for the development (TRL 4-6) and demonstration (TRL 7-8) of innovative products and technologies. The projects contribute to the themes “Protein Transition”, “Circular Agrifood”, and “Food & health”.The subsidy, with up to a 50% co-financing commitment, offers funding ranging from €10,000 to €50,000 towards eligible projects, significantly reducing the risk for SMEs and enabling them to scale their innovations effectively.

Successful Awardees (Arranged Alphabetically):

Alver BV: Alver appeals to all who are committed to responsible consumption. Their diverse product range, from high protein pasta to protein powders and food supplements, all contain Golden Chlorella microalgae and are free from additives. Their goal is to improve customers’ daily meals with microalgae.

Cano-ela BV: Cano-ela is an innovative company aiming to help companies produce clean-label, healthier, and more sustainable food products while enabling the full utilization of canola seeds.

CarbExplore Research BV: CarbExplore Research is the leading expert on the development of functional carbohydrates for food- and non-food applications. Their proprietary enzyme platform converts starch, sucrose, and lactose into texturizing ingredients with health benefits.

Magnificent Protein BV: Dedicated to pioneering advancements in protein-related technologies, contributing to the broader Protein Transition theme. Magnificent Proteins is building the first factory in the Netherlands in Emmen, producing a high-quality protein product from field beans.

MaGie Creations BV: MaGie Creations aims to realize fossil-free upcycling of brewer’s spent grain, upcycling this nutritional residue stream into tasty, functional ingredients for the food industry. PowerFlour, born from this process, can be used in various ways in food production.

Pectcof BV: An innovative company working at the intersection of valorizing coffee pulp into food ingredients. Pectcof promises novel solutions in the Circular Agrifood theme, using a biorefinery concept with green chemistry and state-of-the-art biotechnology.

Reinvent Protein BV: A trailblazer in protein innovation, Reinvent Protein is set to make waves in the agri-food landscape with its forward-thinking approaches. Their innovative approach involves using hydrolysis and fermentation to break down plant-based proteins into smaller, more digestible molecules.

The Protein Brewery BV: Focused on innovative solutions in the protein domain, The Protein Brewery stands at the forefront of driving change in the agri-food sector. Founded in 2020, the company aims to develop and commercialize the route towards plant-based food ingredients based on fermentation.

Time Traveling Milkman (TTM) BV: TTM is an innovative startup that wants to enable companies to produce clean-label, healthier, more sustainable food products with their alternative for dairy creams.

Tyker Technology BV: A specialist in automating work processes with mobile machines, Tyker utilizes robotics, localization, and control technology to enhance quality, reduce labor costs, and boost job satisfaction.

Companies interested in exploring the potential of the SME Innovation Subsidy are encouraged to reach out for more information by contacting Further details about shared facilities and finding suitable partners or innovation facilities can be found at Foodvalley’s Shared Facility Finder and Foodleap.

This wave of subsidies marks a pivotal moment for these companies and underscores the commitment of Foodvalley NL and Regiofoodvalley to drive innovation, economic growth, and sustainability in the agri-food sector. As the application window remains open, SMEs are encouraged to seize this opportunity, unlocking the potential to scale their innovations and contribute to the thriving ecosystem of agricultural and food advancements.

Successful Awardees of SME Innovation Subsidy