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Spoofing email on behalf of Marjolein Brasz


March 7

Unlike our regular Foodvalley news items, this one is not on the most positive note. Unfortunately, an email was sent from an untrustworthy Gmail address appearing to be from Marjolein Brasz. This was not the intention of Marjolein or Foodvalley, and it appears to have been carried out by ill-meaning actors.

Rest assured, no data leak

Yesterday, we investigated in collaboration with our IT partners, if this could somehow be based on information illegally extracted from our databases. Thankfully, we found no evidence of a data leak. Therefore, you can still be rest assured that your data is safe with Foodvalley. It appears that this email resulted from smart engineering, combined with information from publicly available resources. 

If you have received an email on behalf of Marjolein Brasz, please check the email address. If it’s not a Foodvalley email address, it’s not us. In that case, please do not respond to the email and remove it from your mailbox.

If you have any further questions regarding suspicious emails from our staff, your data, and privacy, please contact

*See below the example spoofing email. The contents is regarding the supply of machines from China.