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Partner Update

Non-Invasive saliva test for Metabolic Health Management: available in the Netherlands soon!

We all aspire to long and healthy lives, both for ourselves and those we serve in our professions. The current market demands are clear: we seek personalized, actionable insights delivered through non-invasive methods with minimal hassle. Managing metabolic health and preventing disease is particularly important, given that 1.4 million people in the Netherlands are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

At Maven Health, we have developed a new non-invasive, saliva-based test that measures 47 metabolites using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Your results are compared with a cohort of healthy individuals, providing interpretations of your overall metabolic score, energetic balance, and more.

This innovative technology was developed in Switzerland by a team including two Dutch founders: Christopher Wall, a pharmacist from the University of Utrecht with a PhD in cellular metabolism from EPFL, and Kevin Hof, a medical biotechnologist from Wageningen University. Together with their team, they are eager to bring this technology to the Dutch market, helping healthcare professionals deliver high-quality preventative care through personalized metabolite insights and nutritional recommendations.

“Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and personalized metabolic health for all.”

Maven Health

Maven Health has teamed up with FutureMedics, a specialist distributor founded by industry veterans Astrid Verkaik and Sven van Dun. FutureMedics introduces health innovations to the Netherlands, aiming to reduce the workload for all actors in the healthcare system by cleverly applying new technology. This partnership will enable healthcare providers such as nutritionists, general practitioners, pharmacists, and private clinics to easily incorporate Maven Health’s technology into their practices.

Maven Health has been a member of the Personalised Nutrition community for the past 1.5 years and looks forward to making this technology available in the Netherlands this summer.

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