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Put yourself on the map


17 October 2023

Put yourself on the Protein Transition Map NL, featuring more than 400 actors and initiatives working towards an economically healthy future for proteins.

The Protein Transition Map NL spotlights actors who are working on the Protein transition. This is an initiative of Foodvalley NL, the Protein Community, Transitie Coalitie Voedsel, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and interprovinviaal Overleg Eiwittransitie.

The objectives

Set to be launched in 2024, the Protein Transition Map NL serves two objectives:

  • International Visibility: The map serves as a portal for global stakeholders searching for sustainable protein solutions, effectively exposing the Dutch ecosystem to the world.
  • Economic Impact Evaluation: Through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data contributed by the featured actors, the map offers insights into the economic value of the Dutch protein transition. Users gain access to specific information about each actor’s solutions and economic data at both the national and provincial levels. This facilitates the monitoring of long-term trends and helps policymakers in assessing the progress made in realising the objectives outlined in the National Protein Strategy.

Delve deeper into the details and the advantages of being part of this initiative and Put yourself on the Protein Transition Map NL.