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Plant Forward 2024


Plant Forward 2024, a two-day event aimed at accelerating the protein shift , took place on April 23 and 24. The event brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including start-ups, brands, retailers, foodservice professionals, policymakers, investors, and future talents. The Protein Community is a proud co-founder of this event, and present on the programme. Here are some of the highlights:

International Launch of the Protein Transition Map NL

One of the standout features of Plant Forward 2024 was the international launch of the Protein Transition Map NL, an online tool developed to showcase the various actors involved in the protein transition in the Netherlands. Showcasing over 500 featured actors, the Protein Transition Map NL offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of sustainable food production.

TPC at PlantFWD

“This time, we have no other option than to be successful at preventing a food system crisis. I believe we will be successful, and I believe you will be successful.”

Jeroen Willemsen – Lead Protein Transition

Foodvalley on stage

Among the notable speakers at Plant Forward 2024 was Jeroen Willemsen, the lead protein transition at Foodvalley. He focused on the urgency of preventing a food system crisis and the reasons for optimism in achieving this goal. Here is why:

Commitment from Dutch Retailers and Catering: Many Dutch retailers and catering services have set goals to transition to plant-based or hybrid products, and some have even banned fresh meat promotions, such as Jumbo.

Innovation in Hybrid Products: The development of new hybrid products, which combine plant-based and animal-based ingredients, will help to accelerate the protein transition. Leading to redefining the definition of Plantification: introducing fully or partly plant-based variations of appreciated animal-based recipes, ingredients, or brands.

Your Relevance and Impact: Each of you is an essential player in preventing a food system crash by the end of this century, Jeroen said. You would be surprised by the difference you can make individually and collectively. Together, we can create a collective roar that echoes into the next century.

TPC Booth & Golden Bean Award

The event also featured a booth hosted by The Protein Community (TPC), a proud founding partner of Plant Forward 2024. At the booth, attendees were able to connect and engage with industry experts and learn more about their initiatives to promote sustainable protein consumption. Additionally, the international Golden Bean awards were announced. TPC community manager Leo Koning presented the first international Golden Bean to Tracye McQuirter, MPH, in recognition of her outstanding and inspiring work for the Protein Transition in the USA and her advocacy for a vegan lifestyle.

See you next year?