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Personalised Nutrition Position Paper

An Ecosystem-aligned Definition of Personalised Nutrition

Everyone is different. This is certainly true when it comes to nutrition and health. Foods that seem to have no effect on one person may be a way to illness or disease for another. Good advice may be perceived completely differently. Personalisation could be a solution. It puts the consumer in control of a healthier lifestyle.

For the personalised nutrition business to be sustainable, questions need to be answered and challenges addressed. These questions and challenges were highlighted in stakeholder interviews conducted by Foodvalley NL and indicated the need for a joint, ecosystem-aligned definition of personalised nutrition, sharing of insights into profitable business models, a move towards joint ecosystem innovation, as well as greater clarity on data use and protection, the IT infrastructure, the required science and the legal framework. In response to these expressed needs, Foodvalley NL has joined forces with experts and stakeholders to produce this position paper.

To date, some position papers on personalised nutrition have been published. This global position paper is the first to focus on the business and innovation aspects of personalised nutrition and was written by a broad consortium of academic and industry experts. This position paper is intended for a wide range of stakeholders including industry partners, academics, healthcare (insurance), investors, regulators, consumers and (non-) governmental agencies.

Together, all stakeholders will make a positive difference in the way we offer and buy (information about) food. Let’s shape the future of food together!

Judith van der Horst-Graat