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The Protein Transition Map NL: Now Online!


March 18

The national launch of the Protein Transition Map NL took place during the third edition of the Eiwittransitie Congres on March 14. Innovators and stakeholders from various sectors of the protein transition were present to see the launch of the Protein Transition Map NL map. The map includes approximately 500 organisations working on the Dutch protein transition and an economic analysis per province.

The Protein Transition Map NL 

The Protein Transition Map NL, developed by Foodvalley NL, Transitiecoalitie Voedsel, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and the Dutch Provinces, offers an interactive platform showcasing the economic value of the Dutch alternative protein ecosystem across provinces. With approximately 500 actors featured on the map, it provides valuable insights for those involved in the alternative protein sector.

Serious business

Part of the Protein Transition Map NL is an economic analysis conducted in collaboration with Buck Consultants. The analysis shows the added value in euros and the number of employees per province. The economic value of producers and knowledge providers in the unconventional animal proteins domain has doubled since 2015. The combined annual production value is at least 881 million euros, and jointly they account for at least 3,500 jobs. This has turned the industry into a serious sector with international growth potential.

“A platform that reflects the magnitude and economic value of the protein transition in the Netherlands is valuable to us because it demonstrates that a lot is happening in this area in the Netherlands. This is interesting for (potential) investors, our customers, and future employees. We feel that we are in a foodtech and fermentation hotspot, and this platform proves that.”

Roxanne Snijders, Marketing Lead, The Protein Brewery.

The launch

During the launch, attendees engaged in constructive discussions on the challenges and opportunities within the protein transition. The Protein Transition Map NL served as a visual representation of the diverse network of stakeholders committed to advancing sustainable protein solutions. Hosted by Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead Protein Transition at Foodvalley, and Leo Koning, Manager of The Protein Community, the session provided attendees with a practical demonstration of the map’s functionality and the potential to facilitate collaboration within the industry.

During the breakout sessions, it was clear that a one-stop spot for actors to find each other in the protein transition ecosystem was needed. Many insights were gathered into the potential of the map and the next steps that we could take to develop the map even further. We are proud of what the Protein Transition Map NL provides these important protein actors with and excited to see how it evolves in the future.


The Protein Transition Map NL is an initiative of Foodvalley NL, The Protein Community (TPC), Transitiecoalitie Voedsel (the Food Transition Coalition), the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and the Dutch Provinces.