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Innovation Insights True Pricing


March 18

Marjolein Brasz moderated a panel featuring experts Michel Scholte, Pauline Rosenberg, and Harry Smit in a Talk Show regarding exploring true pricing and its impact on sustainable food systems. This edition of innovation insights was attended in person and online, which provided valuable insights into the complexities of true costs and prices in the global food industry.

True Pricing at Foodvalley


Michel Scholte shared his expertise in true costs, profits, and societal impacts for sustainable success. The panel covered several key areas; such as understanding true costs and prices, and benefits for food companies and entrepreneurs. Also, attention was paid to the consumer perspective. Practical insights into implementing true pricing within the food industry were provided by Pauline Rosenberg, giving examples of how Vermaat is accomplishing this. Harry Smit offered an analytical perspective on market dynamics and agriculture.

In conclusion, the event highlighted true pricing as a catalyst for a more sustainable future in the food industry. It sparked further collaboration and exploration in reshaping the relationship between cost, price, and value in our food systems.

Michel Scholte True pricing expert

“A necessary condition for a new economy, one in line with what we consider human rights and capable of pursuing prosperity, whether in food systems, energy, or any other sector, is an economy that has true prices.”

Michel Scholte

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