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VIPS Pilot

Relevant for: Personalised Nutrition

The VIPS pilot (Vitality & Interaction via Personalisation Solutions) is driven by a multi-disciplinary coalition of selected Personalised Nutrition (PN) Partners to help better understand the customer journey in a mass market setting. VIPS aims to support participants in living a healthy lifestyle and test the market viability of personalised nutrition options.

VIPS (Vitality & Interaction via Personalisation Solutions)

The VIPS pilot is a unique personalised nutrition trial driven by selected partners from Foodvalley’s Personalised Nutrition Community. VIPS aims to support participants in living a healthy lifestyle through a combination of personalised nutritional advice. In addition, the trial will provide insight into the market viability of personalised nutrition options. 

Achieving Healthier Lifestyles

Nutrition and lifestyle are increasingly important topics. There is growing awareness and scientific knowledge that lifestyle modifications can help prevent diseases and support better overall health outcomes. However, to achieve lasting behavioural change around healthy lifestyles, people must have sufficient knowledge and feel empowered to make the right, healthy choices.    

Personalised (nutritional) advice, based on individual data and knowledge about nutrition, health and habits, has the potential to positively impact influence people’s behaviour and health. The VIPS pilot has brought together innovative companies working on personalised nutrition in one consortium to demonstrate how personal advice works in practice.  

Foodvalley’s VIPS trial was successfully launched in April at the care facility Maeykehiem in Friesland, the Netherlands. The ten participants – all staff members at Maeykeheim – had their measurements taken to provide insight into their baseline health. This included blood tests, DNA, muscle strength and fitness tests, complemented by a social behaviour questionnaire. Based on these first tests, the participants received tailored lifestyle advice. In total, the participants’ measurements will be taken three times during the trial.  

VIPS combines the strengths of several different PN companies to offer the employees of Maeykehiem a truly innovative, effective and fitting personalised nutrition intervention that aims to enhance their vitality. An important aspect of this project is to learn from every step the consortium takes. 

In this coalition, Foodvalley is working with about eight start-ups, WUR, TNO and the Frisian care organisation Maeykehiem.  

The VIPS pilot aims to:  

  • Empower the employees from nursery home Maeykehiem – as a representative of the mass market – to live more vital lives. 
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness and acceptance of personalised interventions delivered by a multi-disciplinary collaboration of providers and generate data on what works and what does not.    
  • Help personalised nutrition businesses connect and develop a viable business model that adds value for the user, society, science and affiliated private partners.

Join us in shaping the future of food

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More information about the pilot or joining the Personalised Nutrition Community? Please get in touch with Elise de Jong, Programme Manager Personalised Nutrition at Foodvalley NL. Learn more