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Reduce obesity and malnutrition with personalised nutrition

Reduce obesity and malnutrition with personalised nutrition

Relevant for: every organisation developing personalised nutrition tools to prevent obesity and malnutrition

Obesity and malnutrition are complex challenges, but by accelerating innovation in personalised nutrition, we can help to create a healthier and more equitable food system. EIT Food, Foodvalley NL and Food Innovation Hub Europe organised a challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All! The challenge is a call to action to find innovative solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition in Europe. Six winners were awarded €30,000 to further develop their solution, opening the possibility for further funding by EIT Food to develop their project and go to market. These multi-stakeholder groups, startups and early-stage solutions are the 2022 award winners.

In 2021 three initiatives received the Booster Award to accelerating innovation in personalised nutrition:

  • Happy Feet on Healthy Food
    This initiative aims to support people participating in walking events in their nutritional choices. The 4Days Marches of Nijmegen 2022 will be used as a pilot, where a group of walkers will be monitored on their food choices, in personalized nutrition markers and supported to make alternative and healthy choices. It is a multipartner initiative of Radboudumc, Four Day marches organization, Albron and the International Walking Association.
  • J.A.App (Juvenile Antiobesity App)
    Advice through an app on your phone. It is possible with J.A.App, the Juvenile Anti-obesity App. Young people who are struggling with obesity get nutritional advice through this app. So no more physical visits to a dietician, just get started via your phone. It is an initiative of the Antwerp University Hospital, University of Antwerp – Childhood Obesity Centre, FoodNed Holding bv, Jeroen Bosch Hospital – Centre of Expertise for Children with Obesity, Maastricht University and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.
  • Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines
    An initiative that will create a one-stop shop to order your personalized meals in line with your personal nutrition recommendations based on your microbiome, DNA and personal preferences and needs. In addition, it will engage people in an entertaining and educational experience. It is a multipartner initiative of Verdify, Eatch, Omnigen, MyMicroZoo and University of Antwerp.

Food Innovation Hub Europe

We can only change a food system together. Local, regional, national and global parties have to join and work transparently and energetically to accelerate the transition to an efficient, inclusive, sustainable, nutritious and healthy food system. To promote this collaboration, the World Economic Forum initiated together with public, private and civil society sector partners Food Innovation Hubs worldwide. Foodvalley NL is a leading partner towards the development of the Food Innovation Hub Europe to initiate collaboration and co-create innovation projects to address continent-specific challenges and connects regional hubs in the various member countries to address common and region-specific issues. This Booster is powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe.

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