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Insects for Food

Bundle ambitions on a transition
towards more insects on the plate of the customer

Relevant for: Dutch farmers, retailers, food process industry

To provide a worldwide population of ten billion people by 2050 with tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food, we need to adopt a circular production and consumption system. Insects are an important resource to valorize wastestreams that cannot easily be converted directly in other ways. Moreover, insects are highly efficient upcyclers compared to other livestock animals and a high value source for proteins. One of the main barriers that producers are still facing to grow the market for insects, is to find a suitable market with a high enough price according to the costs price of the product. Insect products that are developed for human consumption have a great potential to reach the right market conditions. As Foodvalley NL we also spoke to various partners in the supply chain, and they see a great potential for an initiative with various parties in the supply chain who bundle efforts and ambitions to work together on a transition towards more insects on the plate of the customer.

With this initiative that we start as Foodvalley NL, we work towards new collaborations that result in bringing new products and market concepts from edible insects successfully to the plate of the consumer in the Northwest Europe market. We also partner with various global parties like the Network for Insect Knowledge in the Netherlands en Enterprise Singapore to realise a professional, scalable and safe value chain together.

How to get insects on the plate of the consumer in Northwest Europe

Insects are an important mean to upcycle sidestreams of agrifood industry and even food waste towards a valuable source for food. As Foodvalley NL we want to contribute to the transition towards for circular agrifood systems, and amongst others realise this by stimulating a professional and scaled market for insect based food concepts (e.g. burgers, shakes, protein bars).

We invite interested parties who are working on the market for edible insects and especially various interested in the foodservice and retail sector.

Are you interested? Contact Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood  or Caroline Duivenvoorden, Programme Manager Circular Agrifood.

Insects as part of the global future of food

In the newly published Insect Scan, Foodvalley NL and Enterprise Singapore team up to highlight the rapidly occurring innovations in this exciting sector from an Asian and European perspective. The jointly developed Insect Innovation Scan brings together a shared vision on the development and opportunities of the insect sector internationally.

Click on button to download the Insect Industry Innovation Scan: Europe and Singapore – The role of Insects in the Future of Food and Feed

Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel

Innovation Lead
Circular Agrifood

  • Mail
  • +31 6 82096140
Caroline Duivenvoorden

Programme Manager
Circular Agrifood

  • Mail
  • +31 6 588 867 79