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Foodvalley launches report on lessons and opportunities of VIPS programme


23 March 2024

Following the completion of the first round of Foodvalley’s VIPS programme (Vitality via Personalised Nutrition Solutions), Foodvalley has now presented the insights, lessons and opportunities learnt during this initiative in one report.

A consortium of partners from the PN Community has, over the past year, worked on the first round of the VIPS programme (VIPS 1A). This initiative was launched in April 2023 at the Maeykehiem care facility in Friesland, the Netherlands, aiming to offer participants tailored nutrition advice that seeks to enhance their sense of vitality.   

Ten participants – all employees at the care home – were invited to join the initiative by their employer, who is keen to explore how to support their health and wellbeing. 

The initiative is unique in that it draws on the expertise of various PN providers to explore how to combine their already commercially available services and products into one comprehensive offering – comprising a series of tailor-made reports on how to make positive lifestyle changes – in practice. Another unique aspect of this initiative is its participants: a group of care home workers who might not have otherwise tried PN solutions and can serve as representatives of the mass market.

VIPS seeks to help the PN sector flourish: By 2028, we aim to have a viable, scalable business model for a PN offering – one that brings the benefits of personalised nutrition to a wide audience.