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Foodvalley Progress Report 2023


Turning thoughts and ideas into impactful initiatives

The report showcases the progress Foodvalley made as practice leader in the food transition, jointly with its 400+ partners. The progress is presented through engaging stories from our partners, our colleagues and the board.  

The food system is complex, and transitioning to a sustainable food system is undoubtedly a significant challenge. In collaboration with its partners, Foodvalley initiates pre-competitive collaborations to collectively remove roadblocks hindering innovation and transformation. This is done by igniting and growing initiatives and running innovation communities with a diverse set of organisations in the areas of protein transition, circular agrifood and food & health. We provide access to the right people, financial resources, shared facilities and best practices. The result: viable businesses and new healthy sustainable sectors.

Among highlights of last year were the VIPS programme – the new personalised nutrition proposition – and the launch of the Healthier Food Community in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Also, we were able to stimulate corporations to collaborate on regenerative sourcing in partnership with EIT Food.

Besides that, by significantly increasing efforts on Shared Facilities, Foodvalley paved the way for increased access and investments in this area. Furthermore 16 new partners signed the Bean Deal, bringing the total number of participating organizations to 72. With 19 new initiatives, the Bean Deal has truly gained momentum. The report details the development of the ecosystem and how organisations as well as individuals can play a significant role within it.

“Keep in mind that you as an individual play a significant role in accelerating the change. Your influence ripples outward as you act, sparking change in others, who can inspire future transformation. Positive change starts with us, with you, with me, with us. Besides the difference a single person can make, it’s also a well-designed ecosystem, connecting the dots and diverse stakeholders that makes the difference – our Foodvalley ecosystem.”

Marjolein Brasz | CEO at Foodvalley

To conclude, the report gives insights in  Foodvalley’s ‘practical approach,’ providing a clear and systemic way of working for all organisations aiming to effect and accelerate a transition.  

If you are curious about what you can do to continue the food transition in the current spirit of times, the progress report will certainly provide you with insights and inspiration.

Read the Progress report 2023