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Crossing borders to Shape the Future of Food Together


16 November 2023

We were very pleased to see so many of you at our Foodvalley Annual Partner Event. Held on the 16th of November, this gathering brought together a diverse array of partners, each committed to crossing border’s boundaries for our common cause to shape the future of food.

The event was a melting pot of perspectives and accomplishments, emphasising the importance of crossing borders—whether they be organisational, cultural, or sectoral—to address the complexities surrounding food. From emotional and political dimensions, to the urgent need to work within planetary boundaries, attendees delved into critical dilemmas outlined by the WUR (Wageningen University & Research).

“It’s personal,” remarked Marjolein Brasz, underlining the significance of addressing these challenges on an individual level but also calling for collaborative action at the same time. “Together we are all practice leaders, and we can rock the boat”. The event served as a platform for open dialogue, showcasing differences yet reinforcing a shared commitment to lead by example and drive change with vigor and dedication. 

Marnix Kluiters’ metaphorical reference to being the “frog that turns over the canoe,” encapsulated the essence of the event—a reminder that impactful changes can emerge from even small contributions.

Amidst these discussions, attendees celebrated accomplishments, shared efforts, and embraced a positive atmosphere that led to the formation of new alliances and the strengthening of existing partnerships. Together, they are actively creating a movement aimed to shape the future of food.

Noteworthy was the culinary experience curated by Katja Gruijters, complemented by ingredients provided by partners;

1. De Nieuwe Melkboer

2. GreenFood50 

3. De Insectenman 

4. Bakkers Grondstof 

5. Asahimatsu 

6. Phycom 

7. Viva la Faba 

8. Laan Landbouw

Beyond being a delightful culinary journey, it symbolised how food can be an instrument to engage and allure consumers towards a more sustainable and conscious approach to eating.

For those who missed this enlightening event, there are still opportunities abound to join forces in steering the course towards shaping the future of food together. We encourage you to reach out to join our journey. 

Download the presentation and visit Foodleap for the aftermovie and results of the dialogue.