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Ferder with
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January 17, 2023

Ferder with protein-rich crops from nearby

The Ferder project is about protein-rich crops from nearby. It delves into the potential of fermentation, for processing protein-rich crops from the Netherlands. A regional project to process and market locally grown beans via fermentation in an innovative way. The outcome of the pilot will be used and deployed as inspiration to achieve a better business model for protein-rich crops from nearby.  

Beans & Fermentation: a winning combination?

We have known fermentation for centuries to produce special flavours and products, from beer to yoghurt. Tempeh is a well-known soybean-based fermentation product. The big question is whether other, locally grown beans also lend themselves to the development of tasty and healthy variations on meat or dairy? And what will it take for cultivation, processing and marketing to grow in balance with a good earning model for all partners? The project group will work on these questions. The project uses locally grown lupin as a test case, with the first product being a spread. Consumers are expected to be able to taste and test a vegetable-based spread cheese at Smaakpark in Ede early this year. 

Working together

The participating parties in the project are; Smaakpark Ede, Lekker Lupine, Ekoboerderij de Lingehof and initiators Regio Foodvalley, Foodvalley NL and Proeflab Wageningen. The province of Gelderland and the Ministry of LNV are also involved. Products that can also be tested directly from the Smaakpark food lab in a food environment; Smaakpark restaurant. 

Sustainable food system

A more sustainable food system contributes to feeding the world’s growing population and improving the climate. The partners are working towards a food system where we eat a variety of food with a healthy balance in the consumption of plant and animal proteins. On 14 July 2022, 56 organisations signed the Bean Deal, or Green Deal Protein-rich Crops. Region Foodvalley and Foodvalley NL have the ambition to strengthen local chains and accelerate plant-based food production and consumption. Together with parties from the region. 

Renze Brouwer, project manager National Protein Strategy at LNV: “I am pleased that signatories of the BeanDeal are giving concrete substance to the major food challenge of adding innovative value to protein crops from Dutch soil. This project is a fine example of this that we wholeheartedly support and want to take forward.” 

Download  full press release (Dutch).

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