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Exploring innovations in Food Valley Region


12 June 2023

Regio Foodvalley

In Regio Foodvalley, governments, educational and knowledge institutions are working with entrepreneurs to create a future-proof region where it is good to live and work. How do companies put innovations into practice? And what is needed to achieve this? During the Regiotour, participants got on their bikes, trains or buses and met various companies from Barneveld and the surrounding area.

Insect Experience Centre

Our colleague Emmanuel Anom of Foodvalley NL presented at the Insect Experience Centre, one of the facilities that can be found on the Shared Facility at

At the Insect Experience Centre participants saw how an automated system to grow insects works. Eltjo Bethlehem, business manager of the Poultry Expertise Centre, said. “The Insect Experience Centre is a telling and practical example of innovating together in the dynamic environment of knowledge transfer.” 

“Embracing the power of shared facilities and recognizing the potential of the sharing economy is paving the way for a transformative future. By leveraging public-private partnerships to fund these initiatives, we not only mitigate business risks for startups and scaleups but also accelerate crucial transitions within the food system. Together, we can create a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem that propels us towards a brighter tomorrow”

Emmanuel Anom, Sr. Project Manager Shared Facilities

Regio Foodvalley Days

The region tour was part of the Foodvalley Days, which took place on 8, 9 and 10 June 2023. Three days packed with inspiration and getting to know a region uniquely positioned in agrifood, food and health. An Inspiration Dinner took place on 9 June. On 11 June, everyone could get out and about in the region with the walking and cycling guide of Regio. More information