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Dealmaking in Bioeconomy
Ventures workshop


December 23, 2022

Dealmaking in BioeconomyVentures workshop

On 22 December 2023 a line-up of Circular Agrifood pitchers connected and got feedback from a number of investors interested in BioeconomyVentures. This workshop was a part of the European BioeconomyVentures project. As ambassador of this project, we help to accelerate matches by organising the ‘Explore & Expand workshops’.

The ecosystem

The bioeconomy entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Netherlands is very promising for:

  • Upcycling/valorising sidestreams
  • Insect protein production
  • Regenerative agriculture.

BioeconomyVentures has a platform in place where bioeconomy ventures and investors can register and meet & match to increase development in circular solutions throughout Europe.

According to Anieke Wierenga from Scale Up Practitioners is the biggest challenge building circular businesses in a linear world. Anieke presented the Invest NL research and stated that first insights are that we need to finance differently when it comes to circular and their value is thus not only a financial one but also brings other values that should be included in the financier’s judgement on ROI. This research is not finished yet and will be published next year. So our pitchers could help share their experience and thoughts on this.

In the debate, the most important outcome was that focus in the proposition and showing what the team brings to the table is very important to investors. A great line up with Nature’s PrinciplesSPG InnovationRibesTechnologiesMultiphase DryersManti SpectraCorbiota. Although in different stages of development all startups sense the upcoming market for Circular Agrifood.

Investors RabobankOostNLNLOShift Invest will also join the next workshop that will be on 10 May 2023. Want to pitch? Registration and more info about the next Explore and Expand workshop will follow soon.

Get in contact

Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood