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horticultural by products through upcycling


February 15, 2023

A feasible refinery solution for upcycling horticultural side streams

Supported by the platform of Brave New Food, Foodvalley NL and Stichting Innovatie Glastuinbouw Nederland (SIGN, Foundation for Innovation in Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands) are working together to support promising business cases in the field of upcycling horticultural side streams. This collaboration between SIGN and Foodvalley NL brings suppliers and potential processors and or users of upcycled horticultural side streams together. This is of major importance to realise new circular agrifood value chains.

SIGN and FoodValley NL are searching for businesses that can turn horticultural side streams into valuable proteins, enzymes, and/or supplements. These businesses will be able to incorporate their solutions into supply chains, providing practical and economically viable solutions to the challenge of horticultural waste.

The challenge

The challenge aims to showcase the technology in real-world applications and demonstrate the potential for success in this market. We are looking for market-ready refineries for the upcycling of horticultural side streams into valuable protein or equivalent ingredients. Next to a pilot budget of 50.000 euro and exposure at an event of the Upcycling Community, SIGN & Foodvalley boost feasible business with our valuable connections and extensive knowledge. More info and /or participation Can you demonstrate a feasible refinery solution for upcycling horticultural side streams into valuable proteins and/or additional food nutrients? Don’t hesitate to send in your pitch!

The Upcycling Community

The Upcycling Community of Foodvalley NL will be involved in two ways. First, partners in and partners of the Upcycling Community are very much invited to participate in this challenge.

Secondly, there will be a F&A Next Pre-Event of the Upcycling Community ‘Bridging circular food innovators’ on 23 May 2023 in Wageningen. During this event, the nominated pitchers will present their solution to the business partners participating in this event, which will create opportunities for further collaboration with upcycling partners in and around our Upcycling Community.

Save the date – 23 May 2023!