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Aurora is a project aimed at strengthening cluster management excellence, facilitate exchanges and strategic partnering between clusters and specialised eco-system actors and cities across Europe. Aurora is about moving digital and green transformation forward towards safe, resilient, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems. The project has a special focus on food quality, food safety and food authenticity and the application of novel, deep and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Activities and Objectives

One of the objectives of the Aurora project is the implementation of a portfolio of new services for clusters to offer to their members and partners that contribute to the improvement of the Food Quality, Security and Authenticity of European agrifood ecosystems. Moreover, the consortium will implement the European Commission’s ClusterXchange (CXC) scheme, which financially supports organisations with short-term international exchanges. Aurora-partners also work on strengthening their organisational skills to better serve their ecosystem. This should then result in obtaining a quality label by EUCLES (European Cluster Excellence Labelling Structure).

The Aurora project is part of the COSME programme (COmpetitiveness for Small and Medium Enterprises), a programme set up by the European Union between 2014 and 2020 to promote entrepreneurship and improve the environment for SMEs. This project is part of the « ClusterXchange scheme connecting ecosystems and cities » call.

The Consortium

Besides Foodvalley NL, four European Partners participate in Aurora:

Valorial (FR): Innovation cluster and network devoted to agri-food innovation in Northwest of France

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation (FR): Innovation Hub for the agri-food sector in the Southwest of France

Unimos Alliance – coordinator of AgroBioCluster (PL): specialised in agri-food, packaging, and ICT solutions, including photonics and sensors

OnTech Innovation (ES): Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) specialised in ICT, biotechnology, and e-health

Duration of the project: 02.02.2022 – 02.02.2024

This project has received funding from the European Union’s COSME – Clusters Go International under grant agreement No 101037938

Thomas van der Lee