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Accelerating Alternative Protein Innovations


Accelerating Alternative Protein Innovations

Collaboration and practical knowledge

The Protein Community, powered by Foodvalley and established in 2017, has become a global platform with over 140 partners. The goal is to stimulate collaboration and meet the rising demand for plant-based alternatives (meat, dairy, fish). Being a partner of The Protein Community could shorten the time-to-market for plant-based innovations and create a sustainable impact.

Strategic Collaboration 

The Protein Community brings together ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, and other stakeholders to create an environment that boosts innovation and quickly develops new plant-based protein products. Companies involved in The Protein Community can tap into a network that facilitates knowledge exchange, resource sharing, and collaborative efforts.

Addressing Common Market Entry Challenges 

Within The Protein Community, companies often encounter challenges such as scaling up production, securing investment, and achieving optimal taste and texture. Rather than roadblocks, these challenges present opportunities for collaboration and shared solutions. These practical experiences and knowledge are shared at events, projects, networking sessions, and matchmaking.

The Role of the Protein Transition Map NL 

The Protein Transition Map NL is a practical initiative that can help to overcome these challenges. This online database is developed by Foodvalley and The Protein Community, in collaboration with government enterprises. It maps over 450 organisations actively participating in the Dutch Protein Transition. It serves as a practical solution for connecting with other companies and stakeholders within the protein transition.

Economic Visibility and Impact 

The map provides insight into the economic contributions of these companies per province. It highlights aggregated economic data and employees in this sector per province and positions plant-based protein businesses as important players in the economic landscape. This not only enhances the visibility of these companies but also aids policymakers and investors in assessing the economic impact of the protein transition.

In the world of plant-based protein, collaboration is key. The Protein Community and the Protein Transition Map NL are shaping a landscape where the journey from concept to market for plant-based protein innovations becomes faster, more collaborative, and more impactful. 

After a year of collecting data from companies and plotting it in the online database, the Protein Transition Map NL will be released on 14 March 2024. Would you like to witness this pioneering moment? Sign up and discover soon 450+ organisations shaping an economically healthy future of alternative proteins!

Accelerating Alternative Protein Innovations