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Dutch National Consumer Activation Pulses: #BEANMEAL


January 25

Supermarkets, caterars, producers and social organisations join forces
On February 3, #BEANMEAL starts; a national activation to stimulate the consumption of beans. Supermarkets, caterars, producers and social organisations are committed to getting all Dutch people under the spell of the bean (‘In de ban van de boon’). The activation emerged from the Bean Deal, part of the National Protein Strategy.

Everyone consuming a #BEANMEAL

Dutch people consume an average of 50 grams of beans per week. That is less than half the amount recommended by Voedingscentrum. Therefore, the aim of the activation is to allow all Dutch people to enjoy a Bean Meal at home or outdoors around World Pulses Day – February 10: a product or dish based on beans. From kidney bean to lupin, from chickpea to field bean, from edamame to capuchin. In a salad, poke bowl, wrap or as a snack, or made into a burger, plant-based variation on yoghurt, soup or spread for bread.

Accelerated realisation of protein transition objectives

The Netherlands has had a national target since 2022: by 2030 at the latest, our average diet will once again contain more than 50% plant-based proteins and less than 50% animal-based proteins. Supermarkets and caterars now have their own goals regarding the ratio between plant-based and animal-based proteins in their sales, which can amongst others be found in the Superlist Green. #BEANMEAL accelerates the realisation of all these objectives since beans are an important source of protein.

Under the spell of the bean (‘In de ban van de boon’)

BEANMEAL partners give their own interpretation to the activation. Supermarkets such as PLUS, Lidl, Ekoplaza and Albert Heijn promote the bean through offers, in stores and online. This is supported by producers such as Bonduelle, BOON, HAK, Schouten Europe and ME-AT the alternative. Caterars Hutten, Compass, Vermaat and Vitam put beans on the menu in various restaurants. The producer organisation Eiwitboeren van Nederland (Dutch Protein Farmers) organises special Bean Meals on location.

More than healthy & tasty

Beans are not only healthy, tasty, and nutritious; the cultivation of beans also contributes to fertile soil and biodiversity. In addition, the Netherlands wants to reduce its dependence on non-European protein imports. To this end, the National Protein Strategy was launched in 2020, resulting in the Bean Deal. #BEANMEAL therefore devotes extra attention to products with beans grown by Dutch farmers.


BEANMEAL takes place from February 3 – 10, 2024. provides more information about the activation, the value of beans, participating partners and examples of products with Dutch beans. On this website, partners will find the #BEANMEAL toolkit with visuals, slogans and recipes, for inspiration to use in their own campaigns and actions.

About the Bean Deal

The national #BEANMEAL activation campaign emerged from the Bean Deal. The aim of the Bean Deal, officially the Green Deal Protein-rich Crops, is to scale the Dutch cultivation and processing of protein-rich crops, primarily intended for human consumption, with a focus on nitrogen-fixing legumes. The Bean Deal is part of the National Protein Strategy. The agreements and agreed actions increase the national self-sufficiency of plant-based proteins. The Bean Deal was signed on July 14 2022, by 56 organisations, together covering the entire value chain. An additional 16 organisations are currently in the process of admission to the Bean Deal.