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The Position Paper – a colloborative endevour to further strenghten the Upcycling ecosystem

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Investing in value propositions based on circular business models is very different and more complex than investments in linear business models in which the ingredient producer or manufacturer can simply source raw materials based on standardised conditions in the market. For upcycled ingredients and food, the quality, quantity and condition of the available side streams – plus the collaboration with the supplier – determine the success of the value proposition. This is often new for investors and financial institutions, who need to learn more about investing in circular companies who play a crucial role in a future where resources will become scarce and the impact of food production on the planet is a serious threat. By showcasing what frontrunners are doing to advance the field of upcycling, this paper also hopes to help guide investors on the potential role such firms can have in the development of circular business models for the agrifood of the future – and the returns they can generate. Ideally, this paper can help link capital providers like you to the startups and businesses that need your investment.

Discover your role, and benefit

As a financial institution, you can contribute to the upcycling market by using your expertise to substantiate the value of innovations and solutions. This will help validate the economic, societal and environmental value of food or food ingredients generated by upcycling side streams, which at present is hard to quantify in a clear manner. 

Investors like you, looking for innovative, sustainable and societally relevant food technology startups to invest in can use this paper to inform yourselves of the challenges and opportunities companies face when trying to develop upcycled foods and bring them to market.

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