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Innovation Insights 12 March



12 March 2024
09:00 – 11:30 (CET)

True pricing

We are pleased to invite you to join our Innovation Insights (hybrid) on Tuesday 12 March at Foodvalley’s office in Wageningen. We dive into an interesting topic: True Pricing.

09.00 – 10.00 CET Talk show programme (hybrid)

Marjolein Brasz will take you through this topic with True pricing expert Michel Scholte. In addition, one of our partners will take a seat at the table. You can join this table talk live or be presented online.
Discover ‘True pricing’ in an hour:
• What are true costs and true prices?
• True costs of the global food system
• How can true price benefit and guide food companies and entrepreneurs in the NL
• Consumer perspective
• Food system (EU,UNFSS, FAO) and policy developments.
About Michel Scholte
His idea for a true price originated in his teenage years while setting up a water project in Ghana. His focus areas are businesses’ true costs, profits and societal & environmental impacts for sustainable success.

10.30 – 11.30 CET Masterclass programme

Following this talk show, true pricing will be discussed in more depth in the masterclass at Foodvalley’s office in Wageningen. This masterclass is exclusive to Foodvalley partners.

During the master class under the guidance of a True Price expert, you will delve deeper into the practical aspects of the framework. Through applications, implementation strategies and practical cases, you will learn to apply the true price methodology in your own strategies. Discover the different methodologies and relationships between true cost, true price, true value and the broader framework of true cost accounting or TCA.
Foodvalley partners receive a personal invitation for the masterclass. Questions? Please contact

True pricing talkshow and masterclass