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Exporting allows you to grow. Still, many entrepreneurs find a step across the border a difficult one. After all, as an entrepreneur you are entering a new market and unknown territory. GO4EXPORT therefore supports entrepreneurs from Gelderland and Overijssel in taking the right steps abroad. GO4EXPORT’s partners offer a broad package of instruments with which to seize opportunities.

GO4EXPORT is commissioned by both provinces and implemented by Oost NL in close cooperation with the following regional partners: Foodvalley NL, Evofenedex, Health Valley, Saxion University, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Chamber of Commerce, Kiemt, Metaalunie, MKB Deventer, Novel-T, Kennispoort Regio Zwolle, RCT Gelderland, Verenigde Maakindustrie Oost, VNO-NCW Midden, World Trade Center Arnhem and Nijmegen and World Trade Center Twente.