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Fermentation Lab

Realisation of Fermentation Lab

Relevant for: Food Industry

SmaakPark BV, based in Ede, has received a substantial contribution towards the realisation of its Fermentation Lab from the Shared Pilot Facilities Fund, which represents a consortium of interested parties. The lab will span an area of approximately 110 square meters, not including the accompanying greenhouse complex and breeding ponds, and will be listed as part of the Shared Facility Finder (SFF). The Fermentation Lab will serve as an essential resource, accessible to all stakeholders through the SFF. This initiative is expected to promote innovation and facilitate research in the food industry by promoting collaboration and shared usage of facilities.

We are proactively investigating ways to enable facility sharing and to adapt our current infrastructure for the production of plant-based products. For more information on this transition, you can find details in the Protein Facility Switch project.

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