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28, 29, 30 November 2023

FiE, Hall 3 booth L70, Frankfurt

Dutch Innovations at Food ingredients Europe

At this year’s Food ingredients Europe in Frankfurt (FiE), Foodvalley NL is proud to host a booth that brings together 12 Protein Community partners under the banner of Future Protein NL. This year, Time Travelling Milkman, Bösch Boden Spies, GreenFood50, Schouten, NoPalm Ingredients, Greencovery, Ojah, BFlike, PeelPioneers, EntoBreed, Phycom and Cano-ela participate. This initiative is part of a collaboration with OostNL, Go4Export, Topsector.

It is an excellent opportunity for the 12 TPC-partners to come together and collectively showcase themselves, their green protein innovations, and the Netherlands on this global stage. Collaboration is at the heart of it, and this is their chance to shine.

Future Protein NL

The Netherlands is a leader in the alternative protein field, especially when it comes to agri-food, sustainability, and knowledge sharing. It has the know-how in protein production, processing, innovation, and logistics. This puts us in a great position to push for a better balance between traditional animal-based proteins and alternatives.

The shared booth will be under the banner of ‘Future Protein NL’. By showcasing Dutch innovations, we invite collaboration with like-minded professionals and organisations from around the world.

Get in Touch with the Dutch

Fairs like the FiE play a pivotal role in advancing the protein transition by serving as hubs for innovation, education, collaboration, and market expansion. They bring together key stakeholders and provide a dynamic environment for the promotion and adoption of sustainable and plant-based protein solutions. Have a look at this page to stay up to date and visit us on 28, 29, 30 November 2023 at the FiE, Hall 3 booth L70.